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Design Of Carry - A timeless trolley with the details in focus

Design Of Carry is the trolley that helps you move flowers, bottles or interior details that you need to store or move both inside and outside. A versatile trolley with 3 shelves which the perforated shelf can be removed.

Design Of Carry

Design Of Box - A stylish box

Design Of Box is a stylish box that comes in two sizes. They can be used individually or placed next to each other to create a stylish atmosphere over a long table.

Design Of Box

Wine rack with a timeless design and an elegant function

Store and showcase your finest bottles in our timeless wine rack. The smaller Design Of Port Mini holds about 30 bottles, while the larger Design Of Port holds about 70 bottles.

Design Of Port

Sustainable design cooperation

Design Of introduce a collaboration with three designers featuring sustainability as the theme. Each designer got the opportunity to design a product from waste material. Frida Nilsson created Design Of Detail Bowl, Lovisa Häger Design Of Palette and Pella Hedeby Design Of Portfolio Board.

Timeless furniture in solid material with precision which will last for generations

Design Of manufactures a tailor-made range of furniture in solid steel with a straight-line and timeless design that enhances its surroundings regardless of which room. Our craftmanship has its origin in the middle of the magical forests in Småland, Sweden.

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