Where are the products manufactured ?

Our Products are manufactured in the deep forests of Småland, in the small town of Konga where our founder and designer grew up.

Can I have the furniture outdoors ?

Yes, our furniture is made of Stainless steel and can be used both in- and outdoors. *
*Our decorative productss are made of solid steel and are not recomended for outdoor use.

How are the products delivered ?

All our products are fully welded and delivered in custom made cartons. *
All furniture is delivered to your home adress all other products are delivered to agents.
*Design Of Pot Square and Design Of Pot Rectangle are delivered unassembled.

Where can I see your products ?

At our showroon in Stockholm, Studio B3 you can see a selection of our products. The whole assortment you can seen at designof.se. Or you can visit one of our dealers that you can find here

Are your products tested by an indipendant institute ?

All our products are tested by RISE according to european standards for furniture.


You are always welcome to contact us directly at info@designof.se if you have questions.

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