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Design Of manufactures a tailor-made range of furniture in solid steel with a straight-line and timeless design that enhances its surroundings regardless of which room. Our craftmanship has its origin in the middle of the magical forests in Småland, Sweden.

Our design is based on perfection, providing the ability for every designer to create a unique room accentuate the style. Smart storage, clean design for the natural place of gathering.

Design of Citat

I design timeless furniture in solid material with precision for generations.

Johanna Haglund, founder and designer
design of johanna haglund

Designer Johanna Haglund

I have always had a feeling for conscious design and it all started in Småland. In the solid steel I found the straight lines and the minimalistic design that I missed. I decided to create my own timeless furniture.

The design is a combination of precision and function, so they will fit all environments and enhance every room. For me it has been important to manufacture furniture that will live on for many generations.

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